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Cir. No. 001/2019

My Dear Bishopji, Fathers, Brothers and Sisters,

We are already in the Holy Week and at the threshold of the feast of Easter. We know Easter or resurrection of Jesus is the central point of our Christian faith. As St Paul says that if Christ is not risen our faith is in vain. The greatest proof of Jesus’ resurrection is perhaps the transformation of the disciples of Jesus. The timid, disappointed and frightened disciples were transformed into courageous and joyous witnesses of Jesus crucified and risen. They proclaimed that Jesus is risen from the dead. Indeed He is risen! Alleluia!

In the message of the Angel to the women on Easter morning, “Go quickly and tell his disciples: ‘He has risen from the dead,’” (Mt. 28:5-8) we hear our directions as well. The angel invites us also to “act quickly” and to “go” to proclaim to the men and women of our time this message of joy and hope.

Let us be transformed by the Easter experience, shed our lethargy and joyfully proclaim Risen Lord to our people of the mission station.

May I extend to each and every one of you the rich blessings of holy Easter.

New Schools

We are starting two schools in the new academic year 2019-20. Nursery,

L.K.G. and U.K.G. sections will commence at St Alphonsa Academy, Garhakota and at St Jude School of Excellence, Kurwai. Dominican Sisters of Holy Trinity and Sisters of St Anne of Phirangipuram have agreed to come to these mission stations respectively. School buildings are getting ready and admissions have started. We hope to start a special school at Bararu, Sagar and we have applied for the needed permission. Preshitharam Sisters will help us to run this special school for the mentally challenged children.

Repair and Maintenance of the buildings

Many buildings in our parishes/mission stations need repair and maintenance work. The best time to do it is during this summer time. Kindly see that these regular works are done properly in our centres.

General Elections for Loksabha

The whole country is preparing for the forth coming Loksabha elections. In our  area  the  elections will  be  held  in  the  month  of May.  It  is  our responsibility  to  exercise  our  voting  right without  fail  and  urge  all  our Christian  faithful  to  do  the  same.  We  had  forty  hours of  adoration  at Dayasagar, Khajooria. It is good that those who could not participate in it to conduct Eucharistic adoration and special prayers in our churches/ chapels with the participation of the community for the peaceful conduct of the elections and for getting country.

Wishing you once again a very Happy Easter!

James Athikalam
Bishop of Sagar